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ch1_p1 - happened to the purchasing power of your original...

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1_1. The first column of the following table describes the price movement of AOL corporation stock over the last 5 years. The second column gives the period's consumer price index. Calculate the real value of the stock for each time period using year 5 as the base year. If you purchased $1,000 worth of AOL Corporation stock in year 1, what has
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Unformatted text preview: happened to the purchasing power of your original $1,000 investment when you sell the stock in year 5? Year AOL CPI 1996 $4.00 147.8 1997 $3.84 155.3 1998 $7.00 163.0 1999 $37.00 165.4 2000 $70.00 172.1...
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