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ch12_p2 - a Suppose Firm 1 is the Stackelberg leader(i.e...

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12_2. This exercise is a continuation of Ch12_P1.  We return to two firms with the same  constant average  and marginal cost,  AC  = MC = 5,  facing the  market demand  curve Q 1  + Q 2  = 53 - P.  Now we will use the Stackelberg model to analyze what will happen if one  of the firms makes its output decision before the other.
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Unformatted text preview: a. Suppose Firm 1 is the Stackelberg leader (i.e., makes its output decisions before Firm 2). Find the reaction curves that tell each firm how much to produce in terms of the output of its competitor. b. How much will each firm produce, and what will its profit be?...
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