BD_DC11 - WMT YHOO Coeff Var 4.275242 7.131634 3.188671...

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Chapter 11 Optimal Portfolio Choice Solutions to Chapter 11 Data Case Numerical solutions to this case are available in Excel spreadsheet form, available on the Instructor’s Resource Center:, with the files for the Solutions Manual, and on the Instructor’s Resource Disk. The spreadsheet solution contains three worksheets. The Returns worksheet contains the solution for the coefficient of variation for each of the twelve stocks. The Portfolios worksheet contains the data for the portfolios computed in questions 5-7. The Prices worksheet contains the original prices of the stocks necessary for the computations. 1. Stock AAPL ADM BA C CAT DE Coeff Var 3.142528 3.261827 8.525554 12.97046 3.638707 4.003035 Stock HSY MOT PG SIRI
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Unformatted text preview: WMT YHOO Coeff Var 4.275242 7.131634 3.188671 11.87583-514.703 4.693374 2. The stocks with the worst coefficients of variation are Wal-Mart and Caterpillar. 3, 4, 5, 6. The solutions for questions 3 through 6 are shown on the Portfolios worksheet. Equal Optimum Min Var Return 0.021756 0.016941 0.0138733 Std Dev 0.073177 0.029721 0.0268968 Coeff Var 3.363562 1.754401 1.9387522 7. The results are obtained by subtracting the results for the equally weighted portfolio from those of the optimal and minimum-variance portfolios. Optimally weighted Minimum Variance Increase (Reduction) relative to Equally-wtd portfolio Return-0.00481-0.0078826 Std. Dev-0.04346-0.0462803 Coeff Var-1.60916-1.4248099...
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BD_DC11 - WMT YHOO Coeff Var 4.275242 7.131634 3.188671...

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