Geo101_Syllabus_Fall, 2009

Geo101_Syllabus_Fall, 2009 - GEO 460:101 INTRODUCTORY...

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GEO 460:101 – INTRODUCTORY GEOLOGY Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Rutgers University Prof. Carl C. Swisher III Fall Semester, 2009 Earth is a complex system of interacting components. It is a planetary system that evolves through interactions with the external forces of the cosmos, and internal interactions amongst its own geosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere. In this course, we will look at how Earth was formed, how it has evolved and how the various components or subsystems of the Earth System interact. To this end, we will explore basic concepts, principles and processes in the geosciences; chemistry, physics, and biology of the Earth; the Earth’s structure, composition and evolution; and the nature of the processes that resulted in Earth’s formation and its present state. GEO 460:101 is a requirement for all Geosciences majors and minors, a course for those majoring in the “sciences”, and a course for those just a bit curious about the planet upon which we reside.
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Course Lectures (Fall, 2009): Location: WL - Auditorium Time: 3 hours per week, Tuesday / Thursday 1:40-3:00 pm Note: Please try to get to class on time. I will make every effort to finish the presentation of any materials 5 to 10 minutes early. Office Hours: Location: Room 345, Wright Labs, Earth & Planetary Sciences, Busch Campus Time: Tues. / Thurs., immediately after class and by appointment Contact Info: e-mail: [email protected] (Please list your e-mail subject as Geo101) telephone : 732-445-5363, but I hardly ever pick-up the telephone! class web site : Geology 101 Textbook: Text 1: Understanding Earth , 5 th Edition, 2007, by Grotzinger, Jordan, Press and Siever / book website Text 2 : Earth: Portrait of a Planet , 3 rd Edition, 2008 by Stephen Marshak / book website Grading and Grades : Course grade will be based on total accumulated points (lecture and lab), curved according to overall class point distribution… if history has any bearing on this semester, you will need an overall score of 90% or greater to get an A. All Exams will be given in class during the regular scheduled
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Geo101_Syllabus_Fall, 2009 - GEO 460:101 INTRODUCTORY...

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