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Review Sheet for Geo101 Exam II

Review Sheet for Geo101 Exam II - The Unofficial Exam II...

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The “Unofficial” Exam II Review Page Geo101, Fall, 2009 Topics you should be familiar with… 1. Where do earthquakes occur? 2. How do we locate earthquake hypocenters(epicenters) 3. What is the Richter Scale? 4. What are Sedimentary rocks? How do they form? 5. What are the major trends in maturation in sedimentary rocks (hint my “Bowens Reaction” of Sedimentary Rock. What happens to sediment with time as it is transported? What are the trends? 6. What are the major types of faults and folds. 7. What is stress? compression, tension, shear? 8. What are the major types of earthquake (seismic) waves? 9. What is a P-wave, and S-wave? How do they differ? 10. What are the major peaks / waves on a seismogram? 11. Where is Earth’s magnetic field generated. How does it affect us? 12. What are metamorphic rocks? How do they form? 13. Major P-T metamorphic rocks and where/how are they formed. 14. What do we mean by plate tectonics by sea-floor spreading and sea-floor subduction?
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