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3 001 - Final Exam 6(12 pts For the c1rcu1t below where f =...

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Unformatted text preview: . _ Final Exam 6. (12 pts) For the c1rcu1t below, where f = 50 Hz: (a) draw the Fall, 2006 impedance, voltage, and power triangles (define and provide vaiues for Dr. Shoane each segment in the triangles); (b) find the power factor. Y¢=50v 10° 7, (12 pts) For the circuit below, assume Vg = 120 volts rms. Find: a} The secondary current. by Tr:e power Uansmission efficiency. .: .‘ze are: er the load resistance which can absorb the maximum power from the source. 19 3. (1?. pts) Use the attached graph papers to sketch the asymptotic Bode magnitude and phase plots for the function below. Show the component contributions. . 03 J 100 0) 1,000 J' ...
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