MCDB3140 Cell bio fall 2009 syllabus

MCDB3140 Cell bio fall 2009 syllabus - MCDB 3140: Cell...

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1 MCDB 3140: Cell Biology Lab Syllabus Fall 2009 Lab Coordinator: Joy Power ( [email protected] ) Office: B126D; Phone: 303-735-2723 Lab Web Site: Required Texts/supplies : 1. Cell Biology Lab Manual – available in the UMC Bookstore 2. Cells – Lecture Textbook 3. Carbonless Copy Notebook – available in UMC Bookstore 4. Sharpie Marking Pen I. The Course: MCDB 3140 is a 2-credit upper division laboratory course. Molecular Cell Biology is a field that information is being added to and revised continuously. Laboratory protocols and tools are constantly updated and streamlined. Instead of requiring students to perform protocols with foreordained results, the emphasis in this lab is on interpreting protocols, asking questions, designing experiments, recording and interpreting data, reporting results and conclusions, conducting literature searches and critically evaluating all sources of information. Students are responsible for reading and understanding all written material assigned for this course (including this syllabus). Ask questions!! This lab course will be an active learning experience. We, the TAs and the Lab Coordinator, will attempt to provide, for everyone, an open, enjoyable, cooperative, yet serious, lab environment that is conducive to learning and where everyone can excel.
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2 Learning Goals 1. To get a feel for what a cell really is. Understand how each of the complex processes that occur in cells are connected and why they are significant. 2. Learn how to use the fundamental tools necessary for experimental cell biology including the ins-and-outs of microscopy, fluorometry, protein analysis, cell characterization, and many more. 3. Understand the difference between primary literature, review articles and popular science reporting. 4. Know how to assess the likely veracity of information presented on the web. 5. Design, perform and interpret valid experiments. 6.
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MCDB3140 Cell bio fall 2009 syllabus - MCDB 3140: Cell...

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