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Operating System Mid-Term Exam. for 2008 Fall Semester Date: 11-19-2008, Time: 09:10 a.m.- 10:40 a.m. Name: Student ID: Dept: There are 9 problems in this examination. The weights for each (sub)problem is indicated. Please do all of them. 1. [Basic Concepts] These are 10(a-j) true or false problems. If your answer is false please give the true statement with respect to the original false one. (a) (3%) [Introduction] An operating system is a program that man- ages the computer hardware. It also provides a basis for application programs and acts as an intermediary between the computer user and the computer hardware. So we can view an operating system as a resource allocator. Furthermore, an operating system is a control pro- gram that manages the execution of user programs to prevent errors and improper use of the computer. (b) (3%) [Introduction] A time-shared operating systems can provide services for interactive processes as well as bath processes so it is a multiprocessing system.
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2 (c) (3%) [Bootstrapping] On most computer systems, a small pieces of code known as the bootstrap program or bootstrap loader locates the kernel, load it into main memory, and starts its execution. Usually the bootstrap program is in the form of read-only memory (ROM), because the RAM is in an unknown state at system startup. (d) (3%) [System Calls] System calls provide an interface to the services made available by an operating systems. There are three general meth- ods used to pass parameters to the operating systems in the system calls: in registers, as a table in memory, and as a stack with push and pop operations. (e) (3%)
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os08-mid - Operating System Mid-Term Exam for 2008 Fall...

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