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1 Operating System Mid-Term Exam. for 2007 Fall Semester Date: 11-14-2007, Time: 09:10 a.m.- 10:40 a.m. Name: Student ID: Dept: There are 8 problems in this examination. The weights for each (sub)problem is indicated. Please do all of them. 1. [Basic Concepts] These are 10(a-j) true or false problems. If your answer is false please give the true statement with respect to the original false one. (a) (4%) [Introduction] Modern operating systems are interrupt driven . If there are no processes to execute, no I/O devices to service, and no users to whom to respond, an operating system will sit quietly, waiting for something to happen. (b) (4%) [Introduction] Interrupt-driven I/O is fine for moving small amounts of data but can produce high overhead when used for bulk data movement such as disk I/O. To solve this problem, direct memory access (DMA) is used. After setting up buffers, pointers, and counters for the I/O device, the device controller transfers each large amount of data directly to or from its own buffer storage to memory, without intervention by the CPU.
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2 (c) (4%) [Introduction] The multi-processor systems in use today are two types: asymmetric multiprogramming (ASMP) and symmetric multi- programming (SMP). In ASMP, a master processor controls the sys- tem; other processors either look to the master for instruction or have predefined tasks. On the other hand, SMP means that all processors are peers; no master-slave relationship exists between processors. (d) (4%) [System Calls] System calls provide an interface to the services made available by an operating systems. There are three general meth- ods used to pass parameters to the operating systems in the system
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os07-mid - 1 Operating System Mid-Term Exam. for 2007 Fall...

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