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FIN/320 Self-Assessment Questions Week Five : Financial Markets 1. An exchange rate is the price of one country’s currency expressed in the terms of another country’s currency. True False 2. A _________ is an agreement to make a currency exchange some time in the future. a. Counter trade b. Spot trade c. Hedging d. Backward trade e. Forward trade 3. The belief that exchange rates change to keep buying power constant among various currencies is known as _________________. a. Hedging b. Counter trade c. Purchasing power parity d. Net present value e. International exchange risk
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Unformatted text preview: 4. A _______________ is a company dedicated to owning and operating income-producing real estate. a. REIT b. REET c. EBIT d. SEC e. NYSE 5. Which of the following is NOT one of the Federal Reserve's primary duties? a. Conducting the United States monetary policy b. Monitoring the spending habits of Americans c. Supervising and regulating banking institutions d. Maintaining the stability of the United States financial system e. Providing financial services to the United States government...
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