Effective writing - Ever since middle school, I have...

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Ever since middle school, I have experienced anxiety when an essay was assigned. I was never intimidated when assignments were given in math and spelling however anything dealing with free writing terrified me. Looking back, I can remember exactly how my anxiety with essay writing began. I clearly remember the first day of fourth grade as if it were yesterday. My new teacher Mrs. Stone introduced herself to the class and asked us to do the same. We took turns standing and saying our names, what school we went to the year before, if we had any siblings and their names and ages, and what we hoped to learn in the fourth grade. As I stood and spoke briefly about myself and my family, I thought hey, this is pretty easy ! After the introductions were over, Mrs. Stone stood with an extremely pleased look on her face. She stated that she was so proud to have such a vocal and mature class. We all beamed back at her because it seemed like it would be smooth sailing for the rest of the year. I can still remember the amount of footsteps Mrs. Stone took. One, two, three. Four. My new favorite teacher Mrs. Stone took exactly four footsteps and stood in the front right corner of the classroom, right between the trashcan and the American flag. She opened her mouth and seemed to speak in slow motion, as if underwater. “Your first assignment as fourth graders will be an essay. This essay will be about what you did over your summer vacation. It shall be titled, “How I spent my summer vacation .” Bewildered, I looked around at my classmates. A few had smug looks on their faces and I could see that wheels had already begun to turn in their minds. Several looked like I did-clueless and confused. Now don’t get me wrong, I would have been happy to tell Mrs. Stone and my classmates everything that I had done over the summer. But an essay? She wanted me to write an essay? I had barely survived the third grade
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language jungle of subjects, predicates, and improper nouns. I had heard wild rumors of sentence diagramming to come in fourth grade but this was far worse! After second period, it seems as though I could not get the essay assignment off my
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Effective writing - Ever since middle school, I have...

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