Healthy Eating for Children with Diabetes

Healthy Eating for Children with Diabetes - For most...

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Unformatted text preview: For most children with diabetes (and often their families), diabetes changes what and when they eat. If your child is used to eating whatever she wants whenever she wants, adjusting to a new way of eating may be difficult for her. You'll probably have to make adjustments, too -- in what you cook, how you plan meals, and the kinds of snack food you keep in the house. However, there are solid reasons for sticking to a healthy eating plan. Use the information below to help you help your child eat healthy. The diagnosis of diabetes changes the lives of the ill child and their families in many ways. One major change is the diet and nutrition that must be used for the child. Most families are free to eat what and when they wish. Some families allow children to decide what and when they eat, but the diagnosis of diabetes limits that freedom. Parents must make changes in what foods are prepared, how meals are planned, and the types of snacks available in the home to meet the needs of the diabetic child. Fortunately parents are not alone in making the changes necessary in food preparation, planning, and shopping. As part of the medical team, the dietician will provide education, support and guidance during this life changing time in the familys life. The dietician can aid parents in learning how to prepare health meals and snacks. This task may initially be confusing. The dietitian can guide parents to classes, publications, and support groups that will assist the parents through this overwhelming task. The nutritional recommendations for children with diabetes are similar to the guidelines for all diabetics (Bicknell, 2007). Diabetics should maintain their blood sugar levels within the boundaries provided by the physician. This may be accomplished with a well balanced and healthy diet. Parents and children need to recognize the specific impacts that different foods have on the childs blood sugar levels. have on the childs blood sugar levels....
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Healthy Eating for Children with Diabetes - For most...

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