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Hispanic Americans Hispanic Americans 1
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Hispanic Americans Hispanic Americans are a huge group of people made up of different sub groups. These subgroups are comprised of Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans, and Central Americans. Mexican Americans are Americans that have Mexican ancestries. According to Wikipedia, Mexican Americans account for 9% of the country’s population, which are about 28.3 million Americans. Puerto Ricans are Americans that have a background from Puerto Rico. They were allowed citizenship to the United States in 1917, where they were able to participate in things such as wars. Cuban Americans are Americans who are United States citizens who trace his or her "national origin" to Cuba. According to Wikipedia, “Cuban Americans form the third- largest Hispanic group in the United States and also the third-largest group of White Hispanics.” (Wikipedia) Central Americans come from the central geographic region of the Americas. Central American is defined either as the southern-most portion of North America, which connects with South America on the southeast, or as a region of the Americas in its own right. (Wikipedia) All of these groups have deep rich cultures that are very different from the others; they have a lot of similarities as well. How many ethnic groups do you know that are as diverse as Hispanic Americans? Mexican Americans have fought for the same rights as African Americans. They have been mistreated in all aspects of society. According to Wikipedia, “They are the largest illegal immigrants. Using data from March 2004, PHC estimated, and they also form the largest Hispanic or Latino group in the United States and contain the largest group of White Hispanics.” In terms of where they live, they usual settle in metropolitan
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2009-03-15_044331_Hispanic+Americans - Hispanic Americans 1...

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