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Labor Market Research Labor Market Research There are many factors that influence the supply and the demand for nurses. There are also different factors that contribute to determine how each nurse is paid. In this paper, the factors that contribute to the salary and the supply and demand of nurses will be discussed. The state of choice for this paper will be the state of Georgia. There are several factors that are taken into consideration when calculating the wage for a nurse. Once of the main factors that is looked into is the education of the nurse. The more education a nurse has the more money they are paid. Another factor is the nurses’ tenure. The longer the nurse has been in practice, the more money they are paid to another that has been in practice for just a short period of time. Another factor that is taken into consideration is if the nurse specializes in a particular field. Of the nurse worked in a hospital or in a surgeon’s office they could make more money there than if they worked somewhere else. While researching, I discovered that nurses are paid on an hourly basis. In the state of Georgia, depending on
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2009-07-02_020957_Labor_Market_Research_paper - Labor...

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