why is it important to make a distinction between subliminal

why is it important to make a distinction between...

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One general misconception regarding subliminal messages is the confusion between subliminal perception and subliminal persuasion/influence. Many publications have reported empirical evidence supporting subliminal perception, and it is a widely accepted theory among the scientific community. Subliminal perception is known to be the mechanism behind blind sight, how propagnosia patients can differentiate people, and how some people can remember events that took place while they were under anesthesia . Our proprioceptors are known to constantly take in input from our surroundings without us being able to consciously detect it. However, the debate over whether subliminal messages can influence our behavior is still strongly disputed. The general public would like to know if we should be wary of subliminal advertisements, if the technique can be used to better ourselves as in self-help tapes, and know whether to take legislative action over those who promote destructive behavior using subliminal messages. Scientist who critique subliminal influence believe that a lot of the popular beliefs regarding subliminal messages have been proliferated by scientists seeking a shocking story to draw in audiences and gain scientific acclaim. Anthony Pratkanis calls the well- popularized studies of subliminal influence "cargo-cult science" and discredits such studies due to poorly designed scientific experiments. He claims a lot of the studies supporting subliminal influence lack proper controls and are not reproducible Vokey discredits a lot of claims regarding auditory subliminal influence because he states that "reversed speech retains many of its speech-like qualities" and the phrase "Jesus loves you" will sound like "we smell sausage" backwards. He claims "backward masking" is usually a coincidence and unintentionally by the artists Furthermore, nine independent studies on subliminal self- help audio tapes showed no empirical evidence supporting the manufacturer's claim. Some studies discovered that the self-help audio tapes contain no messages at all. Another study illustrated a placebo effect where customers were given audio-tapes with no subliminal messages at all, but told that the tapes were supposed to improve their memory or self- esteem, and although the customers showed no improvements on their memory and self- esteem tests, the customers in both groups claimed they felt that their memory or self-
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why is it important to make a distinction between...

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