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Student Profile - The Paraprofessional in her room at this...

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Student Profile 1 Running head: STUDENT PROFILE Student Profile Roberta Gauvin University of Phoenix
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Student Profile Michael is an eight-year-old boy who has just entered the third grade. He is a very bright child and his test scores will prove his ability. He has very high scores in reading, drawing and many academic classes. Michael loves to read and draw. He has a photographic memory and loves to recreate a drawing from memory of the book or books he has recently read. Ms. Martin, the teacher spends most of her day with Michael. Michael likes to have the teacher’s attention. If he does not have the teacher’s attention, this is when outbursts, and major disruptions of the class happen. Ms. Martin has also noticed lately that Michael is having problems focusing for long periods of time and continuously has to ask him to get back on task.
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Unformatted text preview: The Paraprofessional in her room at this time has brought up how she has also noticed that but amongst other things such as: many different emotions, sensitivity to noises, and his social skills are not the best. At home Michael’s parents have become concerned about the different emotions, outburst, social skills, speech tone, the heightened sensitivity to loud noises, disrupting the class, and unable to keep focused for long periods of time. Michael’s parents had made a doctors appointment to ensure that all was well with their child. Doctor Webster had completed an evaluation on Michael and informed Mr. and Mrs. Johnson that Michael had what was called Emotional Behavior Disorder, and Asperger Syndrome. Emotional...
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