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Tanglewood Case One

Tanglewood Case One - Tanglewood Case One Introduction Mr...

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Tanglewood Case One Introduction Mr. Donald Penchiala, Director of Staffing Services, with Tanglewood Department Store, has concerns regarding the quality, quantity, and selection of staffing candidates. It is our mission to help him devise an effective selection procedure. There are thirteen staffing level and staffing quality dimensions to cover. Our recommendations must be thought of carefully, and then summarized. Business Strategy The business strategy that Tanglewood store is facing today is concentrating on staffing quantity and staffing quality strategies. It is important that the proper people are selected to join Tanglewood. Hiring a high quality employee is just the first step in staffing. The qualified candidate must be trainable and promotable. When looking at our potential recruits, we must also look at retention. A professional long-term employee that believes and supports Tanglewood’s goals is the one that we are attempting to find and keep. The thirteen staffing dimensions will help this department store face this specific business strategy (Heneman III & Judge, 2009, p. 25). Thirteen Strategic Staffing Strategies The first staffing level to be addressed is whether Tanglewood should acquire or develop talent. If it was extremely critical that the stores needed a lot of new talent to be successful now, it would be advantageous to acquire talent. Acquiring talent may also be time consuming looking for optimal candidates. Understanding how Tanglewood has made its success already,
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shows that developing talent is advantageous. The founders, Emerson and Wood believe in this staffing dimension. It has many benefits. One of the benefits is even the highest ranking manager will have experienced what the entry level salesclerk or stocker has experienced. Developing talent from within develops company loyalty and pride, and valuable resources may be saved when compared to extensive recruiting expenses. Developing talent from within also allow managers to see the workers, than are under their leadership, have opportunity to grow (p. 26). The second staffing level to look at is hiring ourselves or outsourcing. There are a few areas where we may look at outsourcing some of the services we provide through venders. Advantages of outsourcing a few of services include not having to pay for worker’s compensation, social security, or unemployment insurance for outsourced workers. The number of outsourced positions should be limited to positions that are not our primary functioning, but possibly custodial services. Areas that often save money are not only limited to custodial, but also other services. Lawn and parking lot care can also be outsourced. Independent contractors can bid on these services, and Tanglewood can chose from the best (p. 26). The third staffing level being addressed is whether our stores should internal or external
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Tanglewood Case One - Tanglewood Case One Introduction Mr...

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