The Black Africans

The Black Africans - South Africa 1 South Africa: The Black...

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South Africa 1 South Africa: The Black Africans [YOUR NAME HERE] [CLASS SUBJECT HERE] [PROFESSOR’S NAME HERE] June 16, 2008
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South Africa 2 Africa, the second largest continent with an expansive population topping near 700 million people, is home to a tropical climate, amazing species of animals, and over 800 languages and cultures. This land is full of singing, dancing, drumming, and concerts. Thinking of Africa brings the vision of undiscovered, unexplored lands of mysteries and wonder never discussed in polite company. Reaching the Republic of South Africa from New York City takes nearly 18.5 hours – a lengthy trip that allows its travelers to feel like ancient explorers bound for places unknown, awaiting to meet fulfilling experiences plentiful with mystifying people, plants, and animals. This journey is expected to spectacular, with lands that are brutal and beautiful at the same time – a journey not to disappoint. The Republic of South Africa is a land plentiful with all that an exploring traveler can hope and dream of within a vacation. For those who are looking for the bustle of the busy urban life, it offers the cities of both Cape Town and Johannesburg. On the other hand, for those individuals who prefer to hide away from the commotion and flurry, the Karoo plateau offers rocky hills and mountains in which to hide. Yet, those who were expecting to see a vast, expansive desert, they will not be disappointed once they come across the Kalahari Desert. These lands include lush tropics or coastlines, such as that of the Cape of Good Hope, offering much to experience and enjoy. The lands of South Africa run from rainy to dry, high to low, and sparse to lush. Those looking for animals can visit any number of preserves and sanctuaries to see any number of vast and varied wild life, such as Kruger National Park in the Songimvelo Game Reserve for game viewing or Hermanus on the Southern Cape for whale watching. South Africa offers the allure and promise of the tales of Tarzan wove into our imaginations when we were children. The adult in us wants to see that life and we can.
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The Black Africans - South Africa 1 South Africa: The Black...

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