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The death penalty - I There are currently over 3,000 men...

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I. There are currently over 3,000 men and women waiting to be executed on death row in the United States. A. The primary counterargument for the death penalty is that many or even all of them have earned their exclusive spots through the commission of horrendous acts. B. However, civilized nations must outgrow the ‘eye for an eye’ mentality and recognize the serious flaws in our outdated, cruel, ineffective method of administering this most barbarous practice. II. The United States has a long and controversial history with the death penalty (Clark County Prosecutor’s office, 2008). A. The U.S. has performed executions since 1622 for such crimes as witchcraft and idol worship 1. These crimes were not deserving of the death penalty and in retrospect we may soon come to the same conclusion about current sentencing. 2. Add detail B. From 1907-1917 many states repealed the death penalty C. Some states have already seen the undesirability of the death penalty and banned it. (Clark County Prosecutor’s Office, 2008). 1. Michigan banned the death penalty as early as 1846 2. Add detail III. Many other nations find the entire concept uncivilized and barbaric.
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A. In 2007, a vast majority of U.N. members voted to establish a moratorium on the death penalty (Clark County Prosecutor‘s office, 2008).
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