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The Islamic civilization

The Islamic civilization - The First Part The Islamic...

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The First Part: The Islamic civilization did away with sculptures because of religious beliefs. Provide two examples of acceptable art forms according to Islamic tenets. How do these art forms express Islamic religion and culture? (150-200 words) The Islamic tenets required none to create sculptures as those were considered as idols and the one god Allah did not allow belief or worship of any other God / Gods. There were many forms of Islamic art allowable though including geometric shapes, reliefs, calligraphy, and arabesque. One such form is the creation of floral tapestry and the creation of the prayer rug. Crochet and embroidery is a common art form done by Islamic women and is still practiced today. The emphasis in Islamic art is on ornamentation than on art for art’s sake. Their art forms center around their everyday life, beautifying their homes and places of worship because they believe that God likes beauty and likes it when his worshippers do something that they do it well. Their entire lives are built upon their
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