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NAME ________________________________________ Roll No. _______________________ End Sem. Exam.; 2007-2008 (I Sem.); ME 661- Machining Science I Full Marks – 100 November 19, 2007 Time – 3hrs. NOTE : i) Answer Q.1 & 2 in the question paper itself. Other questions are to be answered in the answer script supplied. ii) Return this question paper along with the answer script. iii) All parts of a particular question should be answered in one place. Q.1. Write ‘TRUE’ or ‘FALSE’ by putting T or F in the brackets given. 1 mark for each correct answer, (-0.5) for each wrong answer. i) In oblique cutting the resultant force R is in the plane normal to the finished surface ( ) ii) Radial rake angle in a milling cutter is the same as side rake angle of a single point tool ( ) iii) Velocity rake angle is measured in a plane normal to the machined surface ( ) (iv) In machining, the coefficient of friction between chip and tool is independent of the apparent contact area ( ) (v) In metal cutting, shear stress in the sliding region is less than the shear stress in the sticking region ( ) Q.2 . Fill in the blanks with appropriate words/numerals: [25] 1. Hot hardness is imparted to high speed steel tool material by adding _________________ to it. 2.
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New Microsoft Word Document (2) - NAME _ Roll _ No. End...

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