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STUDY GUIDE: EXAM III: REVISED REALISM-Depiction of people/subject matter in non-idealized form; every-day life/genre scenes IMPRESSIONISM-Use of colors to give off shimmering effect; use of visible brushstrokes and painterly qualities painting what the saw…playing upon Realism KEY IMAGES: Gustave Courbet, Burial at Ornans , oil/canvas. 1849-50 (25.1) Image of non-idealized ppl at a grave textures are very rough ; there is no focus on a particular person flat light , everyone is on the same level and the atmosphere is stark how ppl should act at a burial (very realistic painting) embraces simple, bold compositions; art of the ppl not the academy Édouard Manet, (Luncheon on the Grass) , oil/canvas.1863 (25.10) Image based on Titian’s Pastoral Landscape of realistic looking French prostitute staring at audience ; there is no modeling given to the figure that makes the prostitute appear flat. Paint is not smooth (white patch on her leg) Edgar Degas, The Orchestra of the Paris Opera , oil on canvas. 1868-69 (25.12) Genre scene of an orchestra with ballerinas; small and compressed area the angle and where the image is cut off (ballerinas’ heads are not shown) give off excitement, intensity and personalization that the viewer is part of the opera. Claude Monet, Boulevard des Capucines, Paris , oil/canvas. 1873-74 (25.15) Image of a street where the painting is smudged and has painterly qualities; use of flickering brushstrokes and smudging of painting makes the city appear as though it has a pulse and liveliness. READING IMAGES : Daumier, Third Class Carriage (25.5) Image of a realistic poor family, though given a sense of fortitude and dignity by the artist resembling Madonna and child with St. Elizabeth. Manet,
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