DAT Biology - Biology(BB,Topscore,Achiever) I....

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Biology (BB, Topscore, Achiever) 16:56 I.   Life Activities  Metabolism -catabolic (break down chemicals and release energy) + anabolic  (build up chemicals and require energy) rxns. Ingestion -Acquisition of food and raw materials Digestion -Convert food into soluble form that pass thru digestive track  membranes and enter the body. Absorption -passage of nutrient molecules thru digestive tract lining into the  body via diffusion or active transport. Transport - Circulation of essential compounds required to nourish the tissues  and the removal of waste products from tissues. Assimilation - Building up of new tissues from digested food materials. Respiration -Consumption of O 2 ; use O 2  to convert glucose into ATP. Excretion - Removal of waste products from metabolic processes. Synthesis - anabolism Regulation - Control of physiological activities.   Homeostasis
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DAT Biology - Biology(BB,Topscore,Achiever) I....

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