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Chapter Two: The Changing World of Children’s Consumption 1. The kinds of imagery and metaphor that dominate the literature of the youth and marketing industry are: the metaphor of biological warfare, as in the terms “viral marketing” and “sending out a virus” 2. Youth marketers have “gone anthropological” by: using ethnographic methods that scrutinize the most intimate details of children’s lives. 3. The top three spending categories for kids 4 to 12 years old are: (1) sweets, snacks, and beverages, (2) toys, and (3) apparel. 4. The industry term “the influence market” derives from: the more children shop, the more voice they have in parental purchases. 5. The growth in children’s influence has been driven by: a number of factors, including changes in parenting style. (giving children more voice and choice) 6. The “sign wars” refers to: corporate competition centered on images, has led to an ever- accelerating spiral of changing symbolism and brand vulnerability. 7. Beyond kids having more money and say, Schor says that the other side to the
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