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Juliet Schor “Born to Buy” Chapter One: Introduction 1. People, for the most part, have been okay with working longer hours because: the compensation was a rising material standard of living. 2. “Downshifters” are: the millions of Americans who were rejecting the work-and-spend lifestyle, opting instead to work less, spend less, and life more simply. 3. So few “downshifters” have kids because: children have become conduits from the consumer marketplace into the households. They are the first adopters and avid users of many of the new technologies. Thus with children how many parents opt to downshift of simplfy? It’s a radical shift many children don’t welcome. 4. The term “tweens” refers to: a marketing category roughly comprising children from first grade to age twelve. 5. As they have tried to explain evidence of rising stress and distress in kids, researchers have
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Unformatted text preview: unfortunately limited their focus to: Internet shopping, branding, consumer credit, or customization of products. 6. By moral panics Schor means: the exaggerated adult fears about childrens fads 7. The thing that has replaced unstructured socializing for kids is: marketed leisure. 8. Todays youth differs from the youth of the baby boomers in terms of exposure to adults in that: todays youth have earlier exposure to and more involvement with adults worlds. 9. The original 1920s formula for selling childrens products that has been overturned by marketing and advertising was: an alliance with mothers. 10. In regards to the relationship between dysfunction and consumption, Schors research says: involvement in consumer culture causes dysfunction in the forms of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and psychosomatic complaints....
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