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1. According to Manning, the only way to satisfy the Pandora’s Box of expectations opened by credit cards is with: greater levels of debt and more hours of paid employment 2. According to Manning, to generation X the credit cards have become: personal junk bonds 3. Cris needed to write down all of her PIN numbers for use at the same ATM machine when: she got to the point where she had to take cash advances at the end of the month from her credit cards and then deposited the money into her checking so that she could send minimum payments to the credit card companies. 4. According to Manning, the most neglected trend in credit card use among college students is: the used of credit cards for providing financial assistance to family members and close friends. 5. The difference between the approach of Kristin and her mother to the financial strain
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Unformatted text preview: brought on by their familys health crisis was: Kristin adapted to the new life of less spending while her mother was unwilling to accept her husbands situation and embraced the end-justifies-the-means mentality for prolonging her lifestyle. 6. According to Manning, in the end the example of Kristin and her mother illustrated: that the social cost of credit can far exceed its economic value. 7. Sheila says that credit cards give you a false consciousness because: You think that they [offer] a higher status-at least by your appearance-but they really keep you down with their high interest chargesespecially with wages not even keeping up with inflation...
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