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Almost exclusively on the issue of drunk driving 30. Beyond products, what do the billions spent on advertising sell? Attitudes Robert Manning “Credit Cards on Campus” 1. At a Congressional hearing, the thing that challenged the happy image of student credit card debt as a rite of passage was: the personal testimonies of parents whose children committed suicide. 2. On bill collector responded to the mother of a boy who committed suicide because of his credit card debt by: asking the mother “Wouldn’t you want to honor his memory by paying off his debts?” 3. The response of the credit card companies when initially challenged by studies pointing to their predatory practices was: the adamant refusal of the credit card industry to acknowledge publicly any culpability.* 4. According to Manning, the reason many college administrators are willing to sacrifice the long-term interests of their students and their institutions for the short-term financial inducements of the credit card industry is because:
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