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1. While products are made in the factory, according to advertising executive Walter Landor, where are brands made? In the Mind 2. According to the new business logic, companies should not expend their resources on factories, machines, or employees, but on: They should concentrate on those resources in the virtual brick and mortar used to build their brands; that is, on sponsorships, packaging, expansion and advertising 3. Lavish spending by big-brand businesses on marketing has been accompanied by what? by a never-before-seen resistance to investing in production facilities and labor 4. What “old-fashioned idea” has disappeared along with American jobs? that a manufacturer is responsible for its own workforce 5. What is meant by the business term “strategic redirection”? They are simply savvy shifts in corporate strategy 6. Why does Klein say that layoffs by companies like Levi Strauss are less about where to produce than how? Unlike factories that hop from one place to another, these factories will never re-materialize
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