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Meral Citil_Finalpaper - Hum 204 Final Paper Meral itil...

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Unformatted text preview: Hum 204 Final Paper Meral itil 9201 Paul Whitehead, Fulya elikel January 25, 2009 Fall 2009 Sabanc University Relationship between Music, Nationalism and German composer Richard Wagner Then came the Students' Association. The League of Virtue was founded. All so fantastic that no human being could grasp it. But I did. Now it is me no one grasps: I am the most German being, I am the German spirit. Question the incomparable magic of my works, compare them with the rest: and you can, for the present, say no differently than that - it is German. But what is this German? It must be something wonderful, mustn't it, for it is humanly finer than all else? - Oh heavens! It should have a soil, this German! I should be able to find my people! What a glorious people it ought to become. But to this people only could I belong. (Salmi) For understanding the meaning of nationalism, it is better to know the word of nation and state which brings about nationalism. According to Britannica online encyclopedia, the meaning of nation is a pertaining to sociologic term that refers to a group of individuals who a sense of union with one another. Also the state is a pertaining to political term and contains four main factors; territory, sovereignty, people and government. Unfortunately the word of nationalism cannot explain by concrete words because it is an abstract term but it can be explain by observing all individuals and their sense in the nation. In other words Nationalism exists when state and nation come together and people in this certain nation show nationalistic spirit and aspirations. Sometimes this nationalist emotions occurs when nation in a difficult period especially after the wars, revolution or when nation feels more self confidence and stronger than other nations. While researching of the history of nationalism, it became more widespread after French Revolution. During this period, the search for an independent, native voice caused spread out over a large area of nationalism. (Grout & Palisca, 1996) Music, literature, painting were main tools, brought nationalistic aspirations to life. Especially political messages and propagandas have always easy to impose people by using music as a tool. The purpose of this essay is to explore the life of Richard Wagner who one of the main nationalist German composer, especially what kind of important roles played in leading nationalist movement or reflecting the cultural effects of nationalism in his works. Music as a nationalistic tool by Barbara Russano Hanning, is a short piece of text which explain, throughout history, politicians, leaders have always used music for expanding their ideas or reaching to their aims. The reason was that music has been a strong force on people and affected all aspects of peoples lives. Therefore by researching different kind of states, it can be easily seen the ideas and attitudes people toward their countries in their music. According to Concise History of Western Music...
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This note was uploaded on 12/30/2009 for the course HUM 204 taught by Professor Sena during the Spring '09 term at Sabancı University.

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Meral Citil_Finalpaper - Hum 204 Final Paper Meral itil...

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