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MeralCitil_9201 concer rapor_1 - HUM 204 CONCERT REPORT 1...

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HUM 204 CONCERT REPORT 1 ISTANBUL STATE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA- “CUMHURİYET KONSERİ” I attended Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra’s (IDSO) concert on October 31, 2008, in Hagia Irene or Hagia Eirene (in Turkish: Aya İrini which means “holy peace”). Due to construction in progress of AKM (Atatürk Kültür Merkezi), this concert was done in Hagia Irene. Honestly, I have never imagined going a church and listening to any kind of music because I thought people only go to church to pray. However, this church is open as a kind of museum every day except Monday. So many concerts and activities are being performed there. A brief, simple explanation about how the Hagia Irene place is a former Eastern Orthodox Church shared same courtyard with Topkapı Palace in Istanbul (Constantinople), Turkey. It was constructed during the period of Emperor Justinianus in VI. Also it was burnt during Nika riots with the close constructions and was reconstructed by Justinian. (Aya İrini Kilisesi Müzesi (St. İrene)) I had not already bought my concert ticket because I phoned a person who was interested about arrangement of concert and said that I could buy a ticket in front of the main church door before the concert start. Therefore, I arrived to concert area an hour early. Nobody was there when I went. The church was totally empty, so that was an opportunity for me to check all around the place. The Hagia Irene was looking as a really glorious and big historical structure. I think nearly 600 or 700 people could book it. Due to perfect diffusion of voice property, I thought that, it was the reason for using this place for concert. By the way I was surprised when I bought a ticket because the price was very cheap; it was only 7.5 Turkish liras for students. After taking my ticket I had several minutes. I did not want to wait the start time around the concert hall and I started to walk towards to Hagia Sofia. Before I came to concert, I had researched some information about the concert, conductor and soloist. Therefore I would observe them more carefully and take notes more easily during the concert. That research provided a huge chance which was meeting Koji Kawamoto who was the conductor of the IDSO orchestra. While I
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was walking to street I saw him in the small cafe by drinking his coffee. That was huge courage for me to say “hello”. He was looking older (nearly 50) comparing with his real age (only 38). He was so charming and cute person as well as always smiling during speaking. Then he said goodbye and went to concert hall to change his costume. Also we met each other again and I took a permission to take his photo. You can see his photo above. Now it is useful to give some general information about the conductor of orchestra. Born in
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MeralCitil_9201 concer rapor_1 - HUM 204 CONCERT REPORT 1...

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