hum204 hw1 - Mahmut Tosun ID : 9186 Observations that I...

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Mahmut Tosun 04.03.2008 ID : 9186 Observations that I made in the IDSO concert at AKM Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra’s concert was the first classic music concert that I’d been. As I listened the music, I felt that actually there was a story in the rhythms. First of all, in terms of the audience, it can be said that specifically a very intellectual group of people were interested in this kind of music. Me and my friends from the class were youngest people in the concert. It made me very excited when I saw my mathematics professor Uluğ Çağar in the court yard of AKM. By the leading of chief Jurjen Hempel and excellent performance of both Idil Biret and the orchestra players we had a great time of classical music feast. The orchestra played 4. Piano Concerto Sol Major Op.58 and after the break Symphony no.1 Do Major Op.21 which are both composed by L. van Beethoven. The first piece which was the 4 th Piano Concerto, is the best production of the Beethoven’s career. According to Wilhelm Lenz it was a mixture of Beethoven’s three periods. The first
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This note was uploaded on 12/30/2009 for the course HUM 204 taught by Professor Sena during the Spring '09 term at Sabancı University.

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hum204 hw1 - Mahmut Tosun ID : 9186 Observations that I...

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