zaide - Tosun M Mahmut Tosun ID 9186 HUM 204 ASSIGMENT 2...

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Tosun, M. Mahmut Tosun Submission Date: 09.04.2008 ID: 9186 HUM 204 ASSIGMENT 2 Zaide was a very important opera played in the SGM since it was the first time Zaide was played in İstanbul. In Turkey, Zaide was last played in Ankara by the Ankara State Opera Players (Ankara Devley Opera Sanatçıları) in 1991 by the director Yekra Kara who is now the art consultant of Sabancı Show Center (SGM). After 17 years, by the director Achim Thorwald Zaide was first played in Istanbul with a different interpretation. We can call the interpretation of the director Thorwald like theatre in the theatre, since the players were acting the trial of the opera. ( Zaide , ilk kez İstanbul’da, n.d.) During the opera in SGM I encountered with several very important people. Since the play was a very important one famous faces were all around. For example, I saw Güler Sabancı, head consul of Germany and some famous journalists. Besides, very important academicians from our school were there such as Cihan Saçlıoğlu and Mehmet Ali Alpar. Both before the opera and in the break there were small clusters of people from the academia, business and diplomacy. There were people from Tuzla Military Forces, there were young army officers among the audience. I really observed that the audience was very divergent in terms of the social and cultural levels. There were students, people from academia, business, students from Tuzla Military Forces. In contrast to the Idil Biret concert that I went in AKM, I can say that in SGM there was a very wide range of people not like in AKM only elite people. I think this is a success for SGM, to provide this kind of events to people from every segment of the
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zaide - Tosun M Mahmut Tosun ID 9186 HUM 204 ASSIGMENT 2...

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