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OPIM 301 In-class Exercise Instructions October 8, 2009 This exercise is about the use of Excel’s add-in “Solver” for modeling and optimization of a simple product mix problem. The objective is to make you familiar with the basic concepts of optimization as well as use of the Solver tool in Excel environment to solve an optimization problem. The concepts you will learn in this exercise can be extended to model different types of optimization problems. Pre-requisites: You must have Excel 2007 with the Solver plug-in installed. This was communicated to you in an earlier announcement, but if you still do not have this, perform these steps first. If you are not sure whether Solver is installed or not, try the second step first . Excel will complain if you do not have Solver properly installed. 1. If Excel is already installed, go to Start b Control Panel b Add or Remove Programs. Find Microsoft Office 2007 in the list and click Change to edit installation settings. Choose Add or Remove Features , and in the next screen, locate Solver under Microsoft Office Excel b Add-ins. Select the option Run from My Computer and click Continue to install Solver. 2. After Solver is installed, you must activate it. Start Excel 2007 and click the top-left Office Button . In the next screen, select Excel Options . This will bring up a window with all Excel settings. Click Add-ins on the left and check to see if Solver is in the list of Active Add-ins. If not, click the Go button at the bottom ( Excel Add-ins must be selected in the combo box) and in the next screen check the box next to Solver Add-in . Click OK and Solver will be added to Data toolbar in Excel 2007. After Solver is installed, you should be able to click Data b Solver to launch it and display the following screen: Instructions for the Exercise 1. Log on to SUCourse OPIM 301 website, go to Assignments section and click Week 2 In-class Excel Exercise . Download the attachment lp_class.xls . You may also download the file lp_instructions.pdf , which includes the instructions you are reading now. 2.
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This note was uploaded on 12/30/2009 for the course ORG 301 taught by Professor Duygu during the Spring '09 term at Sabancı University.

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lp_instructions - OPIM 301 In-class Exercise Instructions...

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