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Rental Car System Design an information system, which will facilitate the functioning of a "typical" Rental Car  System.  Assume you carry cars of several "Types" such as economy, mid-size, luxury, van,  SUV, pickup etc.     Each type of car should have a different rental fee per day.   Rental fee  depends on number of days, mileage, insurance, and use of gas. Every hour late should be  charged 10 TL till the late fee equals one-day rent.   The system should have the following  functionalities:  (i) Reservation:  The system should be equipped to answer Customer's inquiries about  the availability and rental fee of various "types" of cars for certain dates in the future.  When the customer makes a decision about the "Type" of car and the Dates, the system  should be able to "Reserve" or "Earmark" the requested type of car for requested dates.  The customer should be given a "Confirmation Number".
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Unformatted text preview: (ii) Pick Up: The system should be able to process a Car Pick Up. Customer walks in and supplies either the confirmation number, or name. The system should pull up all the reservation information about this customer. The customer is then asked to supply a credit card and drivers' license. When these two things are verified, a specific car is assigned. Mileage of the assigned car is noted. The customer is also asked if they want to buy insurance. (iii) Return: The system should be able to process a return. The system should record the date, time, mileage and gas. Depending on these parameters, the system should calculate the final rental amount. (iv) Reports: The system should provide the management with useful reports and queries to help them run their business better....
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