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MidtermFall2009_AnswerKey - ORG 301 Fall 2009 Midterm...

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ORG 301 – Fall 2009 Midterm Answer Key A1. What is the definition of formal organization structure? Does organization structure appear on the organization chart? Explain. Formal organization structure is the set of relationships defined formally in an organization: who does what, who makes which decision, who reports to whom, etc… It can be defined by measures like specialization, centralization, levels of hierarchy, spans of control... We can see levels of hierarchy and spans of control in organization charts, but we can typically not see centralization and standardization in a chart. A2. How did Taylor intend his principles of Scientific Management to improve over previous methods of management? Taylor thought the greatest barrier to efficiency was workers’ soldiering. With Scientific Management, managers took control of the labor process and ended soldiering. Also, the most efficient methods were used, increasing productivity.
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