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Ottoman+Turkish-301-Fall+2009_Syllabus-1 (1) - Syllabus...

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Syllabus Ottoman I (TLL 301/501) - Fall 09-10 Class time & location: W 9:40-11:30 IC-G011 F 14:30-17:40 FASS-G052 Instructor: Ertuğrul Ökten. FASS 2143, [email protected] . Office hours: W 11:40-12:30 Fri. By appointment The goal of this course is giving you the basic skills in reading and writing Ottoman Turkish and making you enjoy the language. Specifically, it aims to give you a certain level of reading fluency and comprehension with printed materials in Ottoman Turkish. This requires building a sound grasp of Turkish, Arabic and Persian grammar structures and spelling. The text book is Özkan and Tören's Osmanlı Türkçesi (3F Yayınevi, İstanbul 2008) (The publisher's name recently changed into Akademi Yayınları). In addition to its systematic presentation of the material, the inclusion of exercises and relatively better print quality are the reasons why we use it. When necessary, I will supplement it with other texts. As for dictionaries, I recommend James W. Redhouse’s A Turkish and English lexicon and Ferit Devellioğlu’s Osmanlıca-Türkçe ansiklopedik lügat . The Ottomans lived in a different world than ours in terms of in terms of social, political, cultural, and moral realities. In our readings you can come across statements that are contrary to your personal convictions, beliefs, etc. You are highly encouraged to express your thoughts, however, any expression of thought should stay within the boundaries of academic integrity and respect. This class will emphasize writing more than most 'introduction to Ottoman' classes. We will regularly have writing exercises, orthography and grammar exercises and reading sessions. Apart from conventional assignments such as exams or group projects I ask for an extra-curricular activity that will be graded. It can be reading epigraphs in the city,
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Ottoman+Turkish-301-Fall+2009_Syllabus-1 (1) - Syllabus...

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