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Sabancı University Faculty of Management Introduction To Marketing -- MKTG 301 Fall 2009 Thursday 12:40-15:30 PM, 4:40-19:30 PM, and Friday 8:40 – 11:30 AM Instructor: Professor Özge Turut Office: YBF 1150 Phone: 483-9722 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hrs: Friday, 13:00-14:30 PM TA: Mehment Kaan Akın E-mail: [email protected] Office Hrs: Monday, 13:40-15:30; Information Center and also by appointment. Course Description and Objectives: This course teaches the fundamental concepts involved in marketing products and services to consumers. Students are first taught how to understand the marketing environment (market analysis), and then how to implement successful marketing strategies in such an environment (marketing strategy). The objectives of this course are: 1. To introduce students to standard marketing concepts and familiarize them with the everyday activities of marketing management. 2. To provide tools in assessing and solving marketing problems students will face in industry. This will include Using business cases Doing quantitative analysis Reading Materials: Text: Kotler, Philip and Gary Armstrong, Principles of Marketing (12 th ed.), Prentice Hall. Lecture Notes : Lecture notes can be downloaded from SUCourse under Resources. Each lecture will be available on the course page a day before the actual date of the lecture.
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Course Content: The course is roughly divided into three sections. The first section concentrates on the aspects of the marketing environment a firm must analyze when developing a strategic marketing plan. These considerations are often referred to as the 3 Cs of marketing: the company , the competition , and the customer . In addition, we will examine the tools marketing researchers use to analyze these aspects of the marketing environment. The second part of this course focuses on how a firm can use the information obtained in the analysis described above to set the marketing mix, often referred to as the 4 Ps of marketing: the product , price , promotion and place (distribution). Relevant issues addressed here include determining the product that will best meet customers’ needs, setting an appropriate price to encourage purchase and to compete with competitors, constructing an attractive promotion campaign (e.g., advertising,
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SyMktg301_Fall09-updated - Sabanc University Faculty of...

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