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Teamwork Peer Evaluation You have just completed the Simulation Game #1. In addition to the scores you get from your game ranking and group report, you are now asked to complete the following teamwork peer evaluation sheet. You must complete this sheet INDIVIDUALLY and evaluate all members of the team, including YOURSELF. Evaluation is to be done by dividing 100 points among all team members. The points you assign to yourself or your friends should reflect your judgment of the contribution of each team member. If you feel the team was highly functional and each member did what he/she has committed
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Unformatted text preview: him/herself to, then you may assign the same score to each team member. On the other hand, if you think some team members did not fulfill their commitments, you may distribute 100 points unevenly . Your final score from the Simulation Game #1 may be adjusted, after all peer evaluation scores are collected and analyzed. You must submit this evaluation by the due date, or else you will lose points from your final Simulation Game #1 score. TEAM MEMBER’S NAME POINTS YOURSELF 25 Orhan Tüzan 25 Sedat Demirk ran ı 25 Marta Fernandez Lopez 25 TOTAL 100...
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