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E2 E1 R1 F D G B C A E R22 QUIZ 1 1. Explain the difference between “data” and “information” by giving an example. 2. What is the purpose(s) of using IS in business? Give an example of an IS application, indicate the functionality and organizational level of the system. QUIZ 2 Assume you would like to design Car Rental System. 1. List possible entities (important concepts) for a typical system. 2. List what kind of data you will store for each entity. QUIZ 3 1. How many Level-1 diagrams can we draw for this In-Class example? Why? 2. Draw a possible level-1 diagram for this example. QUIZ 4 ACTIVITY TIME ESTIMATES (In Weeks) PRECEDING ACTIVITY A 3 7 11 - B 1 2 9 A C 2 4 18 A D 1 4 7 C E 2 4 12 B,D 1.Calculate the expected times (ET) 2.Draw the Gantt chart. 3.Construct the PERT chart. 4. Calculate slack times and identify the critical path. QUIZ 5
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1. List 4 possible Entities (excluding Employee entity) for the Vehicle Rental System considering all activities that can be organized by the system. 2.
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12_Quiz1-8 - E2 E1 R1 F D QUIZ 1 G B 1. Explain the...

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