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Homework -1 Serkan Baycar 8934 Lasik Vision Corporation As we know Lasik Vision Corporation is a company that is working for eye surgery and Dr. Hugo Sutton is the surgeon also Micheal Henderson who is interesting in business decision- making, worked there to get superior income. As we know, in order to reduce expense he fired some of labors in company. Apart from this strategy, they also bought cheap devices in place of buying expensive machines. There is also a good strategy that attracts customer and that is patients pay less money to operate and the other important strategy is she used this advantage in advertisement. Although the main aim of this company is to get highest income, they did something wrong. What I mean is they are making cheaper treatments however patients can not heal and satisfy
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Unformatted text preview: due to old devices. Namely, although these devices damage patients, they still continue to go this company. Aside from this, the company also did wrong operations or did operations that are actually not needed. So in the long term patients will not trust this company. To sum up, we can say that health services must consider the customer satisfaction in the first plan. And the second plan must be the get highest profit. So in order to get better patients satisfaction this company must change their strategy. For example, they must use good quality devices and there must be enough workers. Also they must do correct operations not unnecessary operations....
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