WA1.1 - WA1 Timothy Mar tens 2/12/2009 1.2 Develop your own...

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WA1 Timothy Martens 2/12/2009 1.2 Develop your own answers to the questions asked in Section 1.1. 1. Why does it take so long to get the software finished? There’s a process we must take to ensure quality software. We must plan thoroughly, do the actually coding which along the way we may discover a task it not quite as easy as we assumed it would be, and then we have to test everything to make sure it works as expected and solve any issues that arise. 2. Why are development costs so high? Because it takes skilled workers to effectively plan and write good code. 3. Why can't we find all the errors before we give the software to our customers? There may be conflicts that we are unable to discover on our testing systems that come to light in a different environment. Furthermore the developing process is long and complicated effectively testing every scenario is virtually impossible. 4. Why do we spend so much time and effort maintaining existing programs? Writing new systems would/may cost too much and be a bigger effort. Programs environments change, the operating system is upgraded, other software is installed, or newer methods are introduced. All these changes affect programs. 5. Why do we have difficulty in measuring progress as software is being developed and maintained? The processes is long and there is a certain amount of something similar to scope creep (we realize there is more work involved) as we plan and get into programming. Once in the programming a developer may have trouble with a certain function that may take longer to program due to various reasons. And upon testing it may take longer to find
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and fix a bug (i.e. that bug may require a rather large portion of code to be rewritten.) 1.4 Provide at least five additional examples of how the law or unintended consequences applied to computer software. 1. Making it easier to program may make programs larger (IE more compiled code. C++/BASIC/otherlanguage vs. Assembly although most compilers are very efficient.) 2. Making something more efficient may cause debugging issues. IE storing text files in binary format instead of ASCII or creating a binary protocol as opposed to ASCII. 3. Storage size can be increased by choosing a more user friendly storage method. Ascii vs. Binary. 4. Sacrifice usability by creating more efficient programs or vice versa. 5.
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WA1.1 - WA1 Timothy Mar tens 2/12/2009 1.2 Develop your own...

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