WA3 - 5 5.1 Facilitators should promote conversation and...

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5 5.1 Facilitator’s should promote conversation and keep it moving asking relative questions and dig deeper into a question ect. To do this they should prepare questions and follow up questions to ask. A facilitator needs to encourage group discussion as well as to focus on key points and problems in the discussion. A facilitator should follow an agenda albeit loosely in some cases, this will allow you to arrive at your meetings goal without getting sidetracked. 5.2 A software engineer must understand what is feasible for the team to accomplish. A team may only be skilled to program for Windows and may need to bring in additional member or create a new team to port the software to a Mac. There is also the fact that a team/individual might not be skilled enough to write certain types of software. What a user wants might not be technically feasible. The AI technology might not be developed enough do create what they demand. IE a robot that you can chat with that answers questions (IE can pass the Turing test.) 5.3 An essential in software managing is setting the scope not letting scope creep get out of hand, perhaps scheduling the “scope creep” to be put into the consecutive release. Another essential in software managing 5.6
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keep things moving at a steady pace. Suggest cutting non-essentials in order to make the deadline and add these afterwards in future releases. Make sure that both you and your client win here. 5.10 Software Models are important for giving some sort of structure to our project. They help us to meet deadlines and keep the big picture in focus while working on smaller components. A formal model isn’t always necessary for smaller projects though something as simple as the waterfall model may informally exist. 5.13 Feedback provides the essential knowledge of how well you are meeting needs and gives you information to determine how you can better meet those needs. 5.14 No I don't agree with that position at all. As stated earlier in the chapter, people remember bad software, but will probably forget that you delivered a good product a few days late. 5.15 A successful test is one that uncovers an as yet un-discovered error. 6
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WA3 - 5 5.1 Facilitators should promote conversation and...

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