WA4 - 10 10.4 10.5 1 Hierarchical architecture styles a...

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10 10.4 10.5 1) Hierarchical architecture styles: a) Data-flow architecture b) Call and return c) Object Oriented architecture d) Layered architecture 2) Non-Hierarchical architecture styles: a) Data-centered architecture (1) This could be implemented by using multiple clients to access the same database at the same time. As is often the case website applications. Wikipedia is an example of this. 10.11 b) Data-centered architecture (1) Banking applications which require strict integrity would be a prime example of this type of architecture. With users constantly accessing money from ATM’s, online automatic transactions etc the bank needs to keep its database up to date up to the millisecond. (2) Another prime example would be the average web-based multi user application. As users modify data, submit queries other users can immediately see the updates. Forums are a great example of this. Users access the forum from their browser post a message and any other user on the same forum can see the post.
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c) Data-flow architecture (1) A database engine, when inserting data into a certain row/column could use this type of architecture. Send data to function that operates on tables which inturn calls a function that locates the column which in turn locates the row which discovers the memory calls the write function. (2) An alerting program which send an email to alert of a certain happening, such as a server going down. The monitoring program detects a server that is down and sends the data to a function which discovers which admin’s to send the email to which then calls the actual emailing program. (3) A windows batch file. It calls other programs in sequence. d) Call and return architecture (1) An application might be a text formatting. The main program calls a subprogram giving it the text to format and the subprogram hands back the formatted text. (2)
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WA4 - 10 10.4 10.5 1 Hierarchical architecture styles a...

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