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Unformatted text preview: 8. Identify each relationship type and write all of the business rules. a. The relationships are respectively 1:M, 1:M M:1. b. a course code may bring up many classes. A class code may bring up many enrolled. Many student numbers may bring up one student. 9. CRS_CODE ­||­­­­ CLASS ­­­­|< CLASS_CODE CLASS_CODE ­||­­­­­­ ENROLL ­­­­­­|< STU_NUM STU_NUM ­>|­­­­­­ STUDENT ­­­­­­||­STU_NUM 22. 1. The Professor teaches many classes. 2. The Professor advises many students. 23. Professor ­||­­­­­­teaches­­­­­­|< CLASS Professor ­||­­­­­­advises­­­­­­|< STUDENT 24. One employee writes many invoices. One customer pays many invoices. 25. a. Division ­>|­­­­­­ has ­­­­­­|<­Department Department ­>|­­­­­­ has­­­­­­|<­Employee Employee ­>|­­­­­­ work­­­­­­||­ Department Department ­||­­­­­­ managed­­­­­­||­ Employee b. customer ­||­­­­­­ rent­­­­­­|<­ videotape videotape ­||­­­­­­ rent­­­­­­|<­ customer c. airliner­||­­­­­­ assigned to fly­­­­­­|<­ flight flight ­||­­­­­­ flown by­­­­­­||­ airliner d. KwikTite­||­­­­­­ has­­­­­­|<­factory factory ­||­­­­­­ located in­­­­­­||­region region ­>|­­­­­­ home to­­­­­­|<­factory factory ­||­­­­­­ employs­­­­­­|<­employee employee ­>|­­­­­­ work at­­­­­­||­ factory e. employee ­>|­­­­­­ earned­­­­­­|<­degrees degrees ­||­­­­­­ earned by­­­­­­|<­ employee ...
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