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Summary - The email address should probably be added as...

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Martens 1 Timothy Martens Database Management February 20 th 2008 Quick Contact (Created for Hastings City Bank) Company: Hastings City Bank has over a hundred branches with ober 2000 employees all over the state of Michigan. The employees need to be able to quickly look up branch managers, loan officer’s ect extensions at other branches. Also when a phone is put on DND it need to be forwarded to a specific location quickly. Future features: Some functionality that I would add would be an “In/Out board” a way to see if a person is on lunch or out of office for the day.
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Unformatted text preview: The email address should probably be added as well as cell phone numbers and other numbers for certain people. Documentation: The database is very straight forward. After connecting to the database run your query and print the data onto a page. In the system phone forwarding system it is possible to create an endless loop between phones that forward to each other if the phones are all on DND. This should be quite simple to program around so long as you keep track of the original number/extension....
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