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4. Population: Physicians in the U.S. Sample: 1205 physicians. 10. Descriptive branch: 60% of physicians considered leaving the practice of medicine because they were discouraged over the state of U.S. health care. Inference: U.S. health care in the U.S. is in a bad state. 14. It is qualitative data. It is non-precise information. 16. Nominal data. The data cannot be ordered. It is qualitative data. 22. Survey. A simulation is impossible as is an experiment and an observational study would be
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Unformatted text preview: faulty. 24. Take the list of students names have a computer program randomize them if they are in a particular order and then partition the names into 5 groups. 28. Systematic sampling. Every third car is very systematic. (Following the definition of systematic.) 34. So long as they do it systematically there will be no biasness. There is chance of error that several cars may be missed offsetting the count....
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