WA5 part 2 - mov eax,op1 mul op2 mov product,eax ENDM...

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TITLE multiplies 32-bit memory operands (main.asm) ( ; Create a macro named mMult32 that multiplies two unsigned ; 32-bit memory operands and produces a 32-bit product. ; INCLUDE Irvine32.inc I mMult32 MACRO op1,op2,product m
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Unformatted text preview: mov eax,op1 mul op2 mov product,eax ENDM E .data val1 DWORD 3000h val2 DWORD 200h prod DWORD ? p .code main PROC m mMult32 val1,val2,prod m mov eax,prod call WriteHex call Crlf c exit main ENDP m END main...
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