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wa4.elucid - div cx;ax/cx in this case input1/input2 mov ax...

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TITLE Euclidean algorithm (main.asm) ( ; Description: ; INCLUDE Irvine32.inc I .data input1 WORD 15d input2 WORD 5d answ WORD ? .code main PROC m mov dx, 0 mov eax, 0 mov ax, input1 mov dx, input2 mov cx, input2 m euclid: cmp dx, 0 ; if dx/remainder = 0 jump to finish jz finish ; else continue working ; mov answ, ax ; Store potential answere. ; mov dx, 0 ; Clear it, we need it for the remainder.
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Unformatted text preview: ; div cx ;ax/cx in this case input1/input2 ; mov ax, cx ; move old B value to A value. mov cx, dx ; Move to B value remainder. ; mov ax, dx m ;call WriteHex ;call Crlf mov ax, answ m loop euclid e finish: mov ax, answ m call WriteHex call Crlf c exit main ENDP m END main...
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