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Martens 1 Timothy Martens Project Management 1 February 26, 2008 I really appreciated this class. The thing I liked most about it was the clarity of the  assignments, everything you had to do was said on one page unlike many of the other classes I  have taken in which assignments are scattered through different pages and you just use the  assignment section to upload them. Overall I had few questions about the assignments. The questions I did have were easily  answered by being able to read other students work. I learn best by example and seeing many  examples really helped me. One thing I would have appreciated would have been small quizzes throughout the  class. Nothing too big, just 10-15 questions to be answered. Having to think about a question on 
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Unformatted text preview: a quiz helps me retain the knowledge better than just reading it. Emailing some our assignments really irritated me. My inbox was always full and I never knew if I had an important email or not. I believe this problem can be resolved by you (the instructor) posting the assignment to the discussion board and having the students reply to your post. This keeps the Inboxes clean, the forum orderly and we can comment on each other’s work which will help us all more. I love webCT courses, it had allowed me to work fulltime while going to school full time. My college education is debt free thanks to webCT courses....
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