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Timothy Martens English Composition I February 12, 2007 The advantages to working on teams rather than solo are tremendous. More brains  working together create a more versatile and thought out product that will be more stable and  help more people. More people working together, combining efforts are able to accomplish what  none could have by themselves added together. Especially when you have people who  specialize in certain areas. A disadvantage of team efforts is some features may not get to be  included because they may not be seen as useful by others on the team.
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Unformatted text preview: I have had the privilege of working on multiple teams building websites. I could never build a website half as good as some of the ones I’ve helped build, the graphic designers, the marketers and other programmers all came at the website from different angles. However from my point of view, it was often stressful working with graphic designers who don’t understand programming. We never could have built have as much as we did had we not worked together....
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